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It is important for children to have frequent and continuing contact with their parents.

The Law Office of Susan J. Gurev in Tustin, California, assists clients throughout Southern California in protecting their parental rights and their children’s best interests in the establishment, modification and enforcement of parenting plans.

If you and your spouse are the parents of a minor child and you are going through a divorce, child custody is one of the key issues you will need to resolve. Under California law, custody and visitation decisions must be based on the best interests of the child.

You Have Options For Child Custody | Orange County Child Visitation Attorney

Every family is unique, and the appropriate parenting plan for each child needs to be based on that child’s specific circumstances. California law does not automatically favor the mother or father in custody matters, and a wide range of custody options are available, including:

  • Joint legal and physical custody: Both parents have an equal right to participate in decisions over major issues such as the child’s education, medical care and religious training, and the child shares a roughly equal amount of time with each parent.
  • Joint legal and sole physical custody: Both parents have an equal right to participate in major decisions, but one parent is primarily responsible for providing the child’s home, while the other parent is limited to specific periods of visitation.
  • Sole legal and physical custody: One parent has all of the decision-making authority and the sole right to provide the child’s home. The other parent may be entitled to visitation on a supervised or unsupervised basis depending on the circumstances.

Courts prefer to grant joint legal and joint physical custody; however, circumstances can influence the degree to which this custody is granted. Retain experienced child custody lawyer Susan Gurev, and she can help you pursue a parenting plan that meets the specific custody and visitation needs of your child or children. The Law Office of Susan J. Gurev is prepared to handle all types of custody cases, including those involving allegations of domestic violence and those in which one parent wishes to move out of state.

Seeking Positive Outcomes, Through Negotiation Or In Court

If you and your spouse do not see eye to eye on child custody, attorney Susan Gurev can help you pursue a favorable outcome through negotiation or litigation, as appropriate to your specific circumstances. To schedule a consultation with an experienced, compassionate and effective Tustin child custody attorney, contact the firm online or at 657-212-9661.