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Tustin Child Support Attorney

Whenever there are children involved in a family law case, child support is an issue. Even in cases where the parties share the children equally, child support may be appropriate.

Attorney Susan Gurev will work with you to determine whether child support is appropriate. At your initial consultation, Attorney Gurev will use your documents and information, along with court-approved software to give you a basic idea of what support would be appropriate in your case.

Attorney Susan Gurev has extensive experience litigating support cases in both the family court and the child support court. She has represented both sides and has a good understanding of what is needed by the court to secure a child support order that is beneficial to you.

Changing a Support Order/Orange County Child Support Lawyer

There are times, after a child support order has been established, that a modification of support is appropriate. A change in circumstances of one of the parties can trigger the need for a modification. Some examples of a change of circumstances are the loss of a job, the beginning of a new job, a promotion, or anything else that causes a significant change in a parties’ income. Sometimes, the passage of time since the last order, along with regular pay increases can be the basis for a new order. A consultation is the best way to find out if your case qualifies for a modification.

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